Capital Energy Training works with communities and individuals to achieve their total health objectives and fitness goals through one-on-one strength training customized for each individual client. Core stability and recovery/restoration are two key components of our training philosophy. We focus on proper progression and technique to create a safe, challenging and effective exercise experience.


Movement quality is an essential component to reducing the risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of performance. CET utilizes movement quality to boost energy levels and encourage healthy habits to help their clients embrace an increased quality of life.


Working with an in-home personal trainer has many advantages, such as convenience, that will help keep your workouts on track and get you on the road to reaching your health and fitness goals.

It's not enough to simply satisfy our clients. Our goal at Capital Energy Training is to offer an exceptional, life changing experience, worthy of your repeat business and referral.  
-Paul Medina

franco Nuschese
President and CEO of Café Milano, Capital Wines, & Georgetown Entertainment Group  

 “Working with Paul not only helped increase my energy levels but also renewed my enthusiasm and passion for life, allowing me to focus on what I do best. I am truly inspired by Paul's work ethic and drive. His joie the vive is contagious and genuinely makes 'working out'  a great time!"

Franco Nuschese
Cafe Milano

Robin Strongin
President and CEO of Public Affairs Consulting Firm

“Paul’s flexibility, knowledge of how to work with clients of all skill levels, and his ability to keep me interested is a real testament to his talents and professionalism.”


 Jessica Lazerov, MD
Washington, D.C. Physician

"Paul's enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach to training is truly refreshing. Each and every session has been tailored to my individual progress with an emphasis on function and form. As a physician, I am continually impressed with his attention to detail and how he understands just how hard to push me to achieve my goals. I cannot say enough good things about his work ethic and his commitment to his clients. A rare find indeed." 

Client of Two years
Washington, DC

Paul Medina has been my personal trainer since January 2015. We normally train for two sessions per week, at my home. Paul is remarkably professional, punctual and diligent. He has a very warm personality. He is an excellent trainer. He quickly identified the areas on which we needed to focus in order to improve my overall flexibility and strength. He follows a logical program towards that end but always varies the exercises from session to session to help with motivation and to avoid boredom from an unduly familiar routine. He pushes me beyond where I would go if left to my own devices but is sensitive to my limits and also my mood of the moment. I have learned a lot from him and have felt a real improvement in the way my body operates. I can unhesitatingly recommend Paul for any training work.

Dynamic, personalized training, focusing on your whole body with high intensity core, balance, and strength exercises in the gym or in the privacy of your own home. 



Time Efficiency



Undivided Attention 

Tailored to individual skill levels

Weight loss

Alleviate muscle tightness

Boost strength & stamina

Greater flexibility & mobility

Enhanced overall health