Meet the Trainers


Paul Medina

Paul Medina has been running Capital Energy Training for 5 years and has been in the profession for 14 years. He has developed strength, mobility, flexibility programs for all ages from athletes to working professionals and everything else in between. He has a BS in Kinesiology from Towson U with multiple certifications from FMS, NASM, and TRX. He has played High School baseball at DeMatha, collegially at Hagerstown CC and The Ohio State U. His career ended with a injury. Now he's providing the right information for all populations to keep them healthy and injury free.


Kristin Schneider

Kristin Schneider is a Certified Pilates and yoga instructor with over 800+ hour of training between the two. Kristin began her undergraduate career with a desire to help others. Her desire to help others lead her to pursue a degree in Psychology with a focus on couples and family therapy. Shorty after graduating from UMBC, she was given the opportunity to work at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in their inpatient neurobehavioral unit.

While her time at Kennedy Krieger was a valuable experience, it was not how she ultimately saw herself helping others. During her time in school, she developed a strong affinity for Pilates and yoga. It was her ability to maintain a regular practice of the two that she found herself able to overcome the stressors associated with school and work. While contemplating a graduate program she realized that Pilates and yoga had become such an important part of her life she couldn't see herself doing anything with school or work that might interfere with her ability to regularly practice the two. After reflecting on what an integral part of her life the two had become. She came to realize that this was how she saw herself helping others.